Failed MoFo, but vegan cheese review to come!

7 Dec

Okay, so I failed at Vegan MoFoing. That’s okay.  I did manage to do more cooking than I had been doing, and once I buy myself a camera charger/find the one I have, I might get around to proving it.

Anyway, I am the lucky winner of Ste Martaen vegan cheese! Woohoo! Their vegan food truck is coming by my office for lunch, and I will buy yummies for lunch and get a sample of all the cheeses they have to offer. They are currently my favorite vegan company, not only because of this, but because of their food truck and because their cheese is delicious AND nutritious! A review of all they have to offer is to come in the next week or so. I’ll be having a wine and cheese night this weekend and throughout the week, I’ll use some recipes Ste Martaen’s website offers and create some of my own. Woohoo!


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